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The Queen Affirmation Candle

In a world where it's sometimes difficult to detach, rest and feel confident about who you are, the Queen candle is a physical representation of rest, power and intentional living. She is the embodiment of what it means to Be a Spiritualista...

To me, a Spiritualista is a woman who is dedicated to embracing all aspects of herself, honoring the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and everything in between. She is inquisitive, purposeful, intentional and a seeker of truth.

She knows who she is and strives to live in a way that honors the Divine, herself, her community and her ancestors.


Made with Geranium Rose, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils, the Queen candle blend is a tribute to a life of purpose, wisdom and beauty. It is what I imagine a temple dedicated to the Divine Feminine to smell like...

Geranium Rose: Gentle, feminine, sensual and sweet. A tribute to the beauty of Being in alignment with Soul, Truth and Purpose.

Lemon: Fresh, clean and smooth. The lemon represents the importance of purity and cleanliness. A reminder to keep your your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical sanctuary clean.

Bergamot: Elegant, mature and full, bergamot symbolizes maturity. It's representative of the wisdom accrued over a lifetime, experiences that have led you to trust your voice and affirm your worthiness.


Created during a full moon, the Queen candle is a reminder to seek and embrace the Divine first and foremost.

When we do that, we show up from a place of love, truth, and abundance.

When we choose the Divine, we move upward and onward in our body, mind, and spirit.

The Divine replenishes you and gives you the inspiration to create above and beyond your mortal vision.

Step into the Divine that resides within you...

Step into the peace and harmony...

Step into the happiness that will overflow from your heart...

Step into your Divine purpose...

Love yourself in, and beyond, your brokenness.


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