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Olokun: Orisha of Wealth

Wealth is an accumulation of currency.

It is the level of expansion we allow.

In Ifa, Olokun is the orisha of Wealth...The orisha of the deepest parts of the ocean, mysterious, vast, Ruler of all that is visible and invisible...of all the treasure found in the caves, crevices, mountains, hills and plains found in the ocean.

How interesting is it, that the deep oceans were chosen to represent the principle of Wealth...

Water, the element associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition...

The element of water is symbolic of fluidity, feelings and emotions, intuition, relationships, healing, and cleansing. It is a feminine element and reflects the subtle power that often resides within women. It is receptive, adaptable, purifying and flowing. [biddytarot]

I believe that wealth comes from within. I believe that it is intertwined with our ability to embrace and surrender to our experiences. I believe that being in flow, means to accept reality for what it is. Too often we allow our unwillingness to forgive, express anger or show vulnerability, stop us from experiencing the wealth that is already present in our life. When we are able to release our resistance to our experiences and embrace the fact that the experience took place, we are able to transmute that energy.

Iyanla VanZant once said: " Forgiveness is letting go the hope that the past could've been any different".

Accepting situations for what they are, means that we allow flow and ease into our lives. When are in a state of harmony, we are "in control" and masters of our emotions. Manifesting from this state of mind, will always yield quick results that are in alignment with our visions. Emotions, manifesting and wealth go hand in hand... It all comes from within.


How can you best channel the principle of Wealth?

What work does she want me to do?


If you are looking to affirm wealth in your life and raise your currency, this is what I suggest:

▪︎ Olokun Candle | Goddess Candle Collection | $ 25.00

▪︎ Forgiveness Candle | Bag Lady Detox Collection | $ 15.00

▪︎ Abundance Candle | Bag Lady Detox Collection | $ 15.00

Burn these three candles for 90 days, a full season, and see your life transform before your eyes.


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