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Hekate: Goddess of the Crossroads & Rebirth

Hailed by some as the goddess of witches or the ultimate symbol of death and rebirth, Hekate is a power energy that enjoys reverently and worship to this day!

There are few deities whose territories are as far reaching as Hekate's, as she can be invoked for a variety of purposes.

In pagan circles, she is often revered for her unapologetic self-acceptance, sovereignty, and mastery of sorcery.. But personally, I love the symbolism of Hekate...

To me, she represents the natural cycle of life, the acceptance of what Is, and the wisdom that's acquired through our lived experiences.

In my experiences, she shows up as a fierce, wise, compassionate presence that reminds me to stay rooted within myself. She reminds me that my truth is worthless if I do not steep my Life in this Knowingness.

Of all the deities that are out there, I felt like it was time to share Hekate with you... Not randomly picked after a Google search, but rather in a conscious effort to support and sustain you as you explore the vastness of your Essence.

In today's society we're often taught that discomforts need to be subdued, while, in my opinion, it is a symptom of a larger issue...

Each time that I've felt like I was "stuck" at the crossroads, Eshu and Hekate showed up to help me diagnose my anxiety, hurt or stress and then helped me create soul-honoring solutions. Personally, I believe this is what the journey of the spiritual seeker is... Using the wisdoms gained to heal and restore Self.

Despite the mainly dark interpretations of her, Hekate also represents Life! And her wisdom can be applied in the literal sense, but also throughout our daily lives, where we are consistently subjected to new beginnings.

After many years of studying this deity, I finally created a candle that I believe embodies my perspective of her perfectly! Profoundly earthy, feminine, and warm, the Hekate candle is an invitation to sacred time with Self.

Made with ginger, petitgrain, and frankincense organic essential oils, the Hekate candle is master piece! The earthy tones are so intense, that it feels as though you're being transported to ancient ceremonies in far away woods, where priestesses would dance, caressed by Nature and the elements...

The Hekate candle, draws images of magical woodland scenes that invoke a sense of sacred duty, devotion and sovereignty. And I wish this, and so much more for you!

This candle is a road opener, a fire started, a sacred initiation of Self that allows for a deeper connection with Self.

Available in the Beautique for $125, I look forward to preparing a Hekate candle for you!

I pray that when you receive the Hekate candle, you will also experience this unique candle as an opportunity to create a foundation that is rooted in Love, Wisdom, and sacred self-care.

With love, always...

Marielle, The Spiritualista


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