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Celebrate & Affirm yourself.

The Queen Candle

Fill your days with moments of serenity, bliss, and intention.


As the first-ever Spiritualista Beautique candle to be created,

the Queen candle is a love letter to melanin-rich Sisters who are prioritizing self-care.


The Queen candle is an invitation for you to luxuriate in your Essence,

while creating safe, sacred spaces that reflect your brilliance.


Made with bergamot, geranium rose, and lemon organic essential oils,

the Queen candle uplifts you and helps you invite  feelings of serenity and joy.

Queen Collection



Refreshing, rounded, and sweet, bergamot offers a complexity and depth that matches its healing properties. On the emotional and spiritual levels, bergamot essential oil is great for relieving stress, enhancing joy and uplifting the inner self.

Geranium Rose

Floral and earthy, with a lemony twist, geranium rose promotes ease and grace. Its grounding and calming properties, make this essential oil an excellent choice to help promote positive moods.


Bright, cheerful, and lively, lemon helps purge feelings of imperfection and overwhelm. Revitalizing and purifying to the mind, body, and soul, it allows you to receive feelings of happiness and calmness with ease. 

Black and White Portrait


The Makings Of...


Queens & Sovereigns

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