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The Persephone Goddess Candle


Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld

Regal, fresh, floral, woody

​Inspired by my personal experiences with the goddess, she has been created with her own unique blend of organic essential oils that allows you to connect to Her energy.

Our intention at Spiritualista Beautique is to provide you with healing tools that enhance your spiritual journey. So you too, can feel confident whole, and nourished.


"Because no one else can "give you" your sovereignty,

tell you you've arrived or crown you Queen.

Your sovereignty is up to you and you're the only one who can claim it.

This is what the Virgin is.

She is the one who asks you to be the Queen of your own life,

to be whole unto yourself and to reclaim your power."

As the goddess of Spring, I feel like Persephone very much embodies the Aries zodiac energy. She is a fiery, passionate, pure energy that has a deep urge and longing to create and transform everything on Her path.

She sees the beauty in the world around Her and believes that love, attention, intention and truth solves many problems. Her ability to see the world as a place of opportunity, means that you're able to step out of your comfort zone and shake of the doubts that sometimes distract us from creating something new. Manifesting comes natural to Her, because She Knows who She Is and what She brings to the table.


Inspired by the temples of ancient civilizations and my own personal experiences, Persephone is made with essential oils that bring about the healing that I received from Her.

This candle has been created for the woman who is sitting on the throne of her creative Essence. She creates from a place of heart and passion, boldly sharing her vision with the world.

Patchouli: Regal, potent and spicy, this scent is a reminder to show up as your true Self. Em surrender to the flow of Life and embrace the gifts and talents that you have to offer the world.

Geranium Rose: Floral, tender and sweet, reminding us that new life is emerging all around us. Reminding us that we create, not based off of our current reality, but through the lense of possibility.

Sweet Orange: Sweet, fresh and calming, this scent reminds us to remove ourselves from being busy, and show up from a place of Being.


Each candle is made with 100% organic essential oils. Our candles are never made with synthetic oils. Why?

Because we believe in honoring Mother Nature by using the gifts that She has made readily available to us. Essential oils have psychological and physiological benefits that provide great health benefits.


Persephone is part of our new Goddess Candle Collection. Visit our Beautique and get your Persphone candle today!


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