Hi Love,
Welcome Home...

Spiritualista Beautique is a luxury botanica for the spiritual Black woman who wants to luxuriate in her Essence, while creating safe, sacred spaces that reflect her brilliance.


We support new beginnings, help you disrupt old patterns, and help you get comfortable sitting on your throne!

This safe, sacred space is a love letter to the Divine and my melanin-rich Sisters seeking rest, rejuvenation, freedom, and harmony.

Spiritualista Beautique is here to help you transform every space into a safe haven that allows you show up as your beautiful, powerful self!


Ritual &
Personal Development

Inspired by moments of sweet surrender and blissful silence,

Spiritualista Beautique helps you transform mundane moments, into sacred masterpieces.

I believe that beyond repetition, ritual is an invitation to forge a loving relationship with Self, the Divine, and the world around you.

Each item I create, is rooted in principles that exists beyond time and space,

allowing you to show up as your highest, truest expression of Self.

Always made in small batches, each item supports self-mastery and allows you to feel empowered and expansive within yourself. 

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Origin Story


Born into a conservative Christian household, my childhood is filled with memories surrounding religious texts, community, and sacred rituals.

As far as I can remember, I have always had a deep love and admiration for those who can find meaning and purpose in their mystical beliefs. Enamored by their dedication, faith, and surrender to a power greater than themselves, I longed to experience this for myself.

What I didn't know, was that what I believed to be a quarter-life crisis, was actually an initiation. After years of being torn between exploring a deeper relationship with the Divine and wanting to live a "regular life", I surrendered and decided to allow myself to fall in love with the things that always whispered to my heart.

I believe my initiation began

when I asked God to show me how to Be love...


I didn't know it at the time, but my life was going to transform in ways I couldn't have imagined. My first lesson was to transform my eyes... To allow myself to embrace Love by seeing the beauty that resided within me first and foremost.


My self-love journey transformed me and prompted me to liberate myself from thoughts, ideologies, and behaviors that inhibited Love to manifest itself freely and easily.


Upon feeling the new space that I had created for myself,

my next assignment manifested itself:

"Liberate your Sisters".

With the lessons learned in my self-love journey and the spiritual lessons that I had learned along the way, I set out to liberate and empower my melanin-rich sisters.

And what started out as an online magazine, eventually became Spiritualista Beautique... 

Always authentic and rooted in principle,

Spiritualista Beautique is my love letter

to the Divine, my offspring, and my Sisters. 


My prayer is always that my contributions liberate your heart, mind, and soul... And that you transform your surroundings with the peace and joy you find in your awakening.

I look forward to providing you with luxurious experiences

that support your Purpose and remind you of your innate value.


The Beautique

Sacred Self-Care tools created for the modern-day Priestess...

Affirmation Candle Collection

Created to remind you of your power and beauty, our affirmation candles assist you in creating morning and evening rituals that help you create a new inner narrative. 

Healing & Restoration Candle Collection

Be rooted within yourself, release the things that no longer serve you and celebrate the expansion forgiveness gifts you. Healing is an opportunity to create a new foundation for yourself that allows for expansion. 

Goddess Candle Collection

Inspired by the goddesses and temples of ancient civilizations and my own personal experiences, each candle creates a spiritual oasis of Divine Feminine Energy. 

Seasonal Capsule Collections

Limited edition sacred self-care tools, inspired by Nature's seasons... Exclusively sold on this website.

Spiritualista University

We are on the verge of a new world...

This is the time to manifest the dreams that have been transferred into your DNA.

Spiritualista University supports this unfolding, by providing you with the stories that remind you of the principles that exist beyond time and space.

Each story, inspired by Nature or deities, is created to support you and your work as a Dreamer, Believer, and Magic Maker.

Not sure where to begin? Allow my intuitive quiz to help you!

Red Living Room
Gold Accessories

Money, Currency & the Value of Self

1 hr | $197

Society's definition of value and worth is often defined by things outside ourselves. This kind of thinking could lead one to believe that their worth is derived - and defined - by external voices and concepts.


But what if you are born with all the value and currency you would need throughout your life?

This is a great course for Spiritualistas who are ready to:

  • Up their manifestation game

  • Define themselves by their own standards

  • Finally ask for what they want in relationships with others and self.


This course helps you:​

  • Rewrite your money narrative.

  • Refine value, worth, and currency for yourself.

  • Address your internal money narrative by exploring your unique composition of principles. ​​