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The Mystic Affirmation Candle

“Prayer is you speaking to God.

Meditation is allowing the spirit to speak to you.”

Deepak Chopra

Growing up in a Christian home, I was comfortable with praying, but meditation was different. Sometimes I would go into meditation and receive beautiful messages or even peace, but other times there would just be a deafening silence.

What I've learned, is that meditation is an exercise in stillness. It is a journey of getting comfortable with the unknown, distancing yourself from the need to be "busy" all the time and step into the state of Being...

In a world where it's sometimes difficult to detach, rest and feel confident about who you are, the Mystic candle is an invitation to just that... It is Knowing that the Divine will show up to support you and provide you with all the nourishment you need.

The Mystic candle helps you step into meditation with an open and receiving heart and then also assists you in translating these messages, so you can step into the world, showing up as yourself, for yourself.


Made with Grapefruit, Cedar Atlas and Sweet Orange essential oils, the Mystic candle blend is a tribute to the space between nothing and everything, where life feels expansive, abundant and clear. This is the space where we feel most ourselves, the space where everything is possible and we're at peace.

Grapefruit: Light, bright and a little sweet, this scent represents the "light as a feather" principle. Reminding us to release the things that do not serve us, as we step into a new consciousness.

Cedar Atlas: Grounding, full, and woodsy, Cedar Atlas represents the space of rebirth and regeneration. Reminding us that we can start over at any given time.

Sweet Orange: Fresh, sweet and light, this represents the ease with which we are able to manifest stillness and connection into our lives.


Created during a full moon, the Mystic candle is a great tool to assist you when you're having trouble getting sitting in stillness. She gently nudges you to sit, relax and make time for yourself and the Divine.

Be ready to listen...

Be grateful for the experiences that brought you closer to your Essence...

Be grateful for the prayers that sustained you during the dark nights of your soul.

Be grateful for the moments of bliss that remind you of the beauty and abundance that is to be found everywhere in life...

You are expansive...

You are unfolding....

You Are the I Am.


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