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The Role of the Priestess

The Priestess pours into herself...

She observes the world around her and learns to speak its language...

Did you know trees speak? Did you know they are waiting for you to notice them?

Did you know the grass loves when bare feet interact with it?

When it can embrace your feet with its feelers and experience the peace and harmony in your heart with you?

Did you know that Forces of Nature cringe when we focus on our temporary discomfort,

rather than acknowledge and honor their beauty?

Did you know that the energies we call gods are waiting to see their reflection in our hearts?

Did you know that Creation has been patiently waiting

for its Priestesses to rise and fulfill their Destiny?

The Priestess is called to receive the messages and translate them,

so we can collectively see our worth and value beyond financial interactions...

Arise, Sister!

The time is now...


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