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Season of the The Alchemist

With your head in the clouds and feet deeply rooted, you wander with a sincere heart...

Longing for the reunification with Self and the Divine, you surrender to the journey of life, searching for hidden meanings and omens.

Pure and simple, you are self-aware, confident, and connected, you have your eyes set on treasures only to be found beyond the material realm.

1. Calm Determination

The journey of the Alchemist is filled with twists and turns. It's the whole-hearted devotion to transformation. For this reason, the Alchemist understands that as much as she knows, as much as she transforms, she is still a work in progress. This Knowingness doesn't deter her from showing up, instead it supports and anchors her.

While it may seem that your journey is never-ending, tumultuous, and challenging, your dedication will continue to support you. Remain calm in the Knowingness that each lesson learned, allows for more Light and Love to embrace you.

2. Collect Souvenirs

Don't allow fear, doubt, and shame to cast a shadow on the work you've done. Each identity you assumed in the past, served a purpose. Each identity speaks to your beauty, power, and resilience. Each skin that was shed, holds an aspect of you that must be honored.

While aspects of these identities no longer serve you, you must never be ashamed of the woman who overcame each and every obstacle. Each scar, wound, and relic reminds you of the fire of Truth that burned away the impurities that halted your growth.

Allow your scars and relics to tell your story. Every hero has a past...

3. Accept the Inevitable, Nothing Lasts Always

The journey of the Alchemist, is the journey of Life. It's Innerstanding that, just like Nature, nothing lasts forever. While it is necessary to celebrate our wins, and affirm our beauty and power, it's just as important to mourn the losses.

Surrender, acceptance, and transformation... The Alchemist understands that wisdom is ever-changing, as each perspective brings its own truths and falsehoods.

Known as the goddess that's never not broken, Akhilandeshvari is a goddess that reminds us that transformation is a right and a privilege. Not only are we given the opportunity to change our minds and find new perspectives, we are also given the chance to find beauty where it didn't previously exist...

With each unfolding, we learn something about ourselves, the world, and our place in it all. We learn how to love more deeply, how to appreciate and value Creation, how to find peace and harmony in our unraveling. And in the grief, heartbreak, and pain we are taught to grieve losses, feel more deeply, and Innerstand duality...

In our brokenness we can finally slow down and see the prison that wholeness and perfection provide. We can see how the only moment worth savoring is the present moment. Brokenness provides us the opportunity to look beyond illusions and accept reality for what she is: fleeting.

In a realm where polarity is Master, it is crucial that we see him as a teacher... One who teaches us our infinite vastness. In a world where nuance, perspective, and context is everything, we must embrace change. The journey of the Alchemist is to apply discernment and address the areas in which stagnation has set in. The journey of the Alchemist is to assume responsibility by pushing beyond limitations, breaking the old, building new, and repeating that cycle until we Ascend.

In the season of the Alchemist you are called to remember that wisdom is forged in the fires of Truth and Love. You're called to surrender all that no longer serve you and embrace Love in its totality.

Where this is usually the space where the founder speaks of the accomplishments and the things that they believe validate their brilliance, I have decided to skip all of that. I could mention my business degree and love for spiritual matters, but I believe that my credentials are beyond all of that.

When I speak to you, I do not approach you as a professional... I approach you as a Black woman, a lover of Life, a woman who is passionate and wants to inspire self-love in the hearts of her Sisters.

As far as I can remember, I have always had a deep love and admiration for those who can find meaning and purpose in their mystical beliefs. Enamored by their dedication, faith, and surrender to a power greater than themselves, I longed to experience this for myself.

My self-love journey transformed me and prompted me to liberate myself from thoughts, ideologies, and behaviors that inhibited Love to manifest itself freely and easily.

Upon feeling the new space that I had created for myself,

my next assignment manifested itself:

"Liberate your Sisters".

My mission is to inspire you and provide you with the tools and resources that help you create a life that feels authentic, peaceful, and ease-filled. Spend time in the University, remembering your power and then visit the Beautique to affirm this knowledge.

Adorn your sacred spaces with the principles that make you feel alive!

Wishing you a soul-full journey!

With love,

Marielle, The Spiritualista


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