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The Affirmation Room: The Journey

There was a time in my life where I believed that my true self was on the other side of the door...

That I needed to experience things that would grant me access to my Higher Self...

And while there's a level of truth to that, I also recognize that I am - and always have been -

the woman I longed for...

I spent so much time searching for the Woman who felt worthy, valuable, and powerful...

I remember engaging in rituals and looking for communities who would help me find my meaning and purpose.

If only I knew that I already was that woman!

If only I knew that I was already worthy, valuable, and powerful.

I eventually found out that my journey wasn't about filling the emptiness...

It was about recognizing the fullness already present in my life.

It's this realization that helped me to do better by and for, myself!

I learned to trust myself to do the hard work...

I learned to speak up, show up authentically, and walk into the direction of my dreams.

To trust that I could bear the responsibility of ensuring my own love, joy, peace, and fulfillment!

Today, I am the product of a woman who is devoted to Loving herself.

And she rules my heart with kindness, grace, and compassion.



For my Sisters who enjoy audio, I've created a playlist on the Spiritualista YouTube channel.

This playlist is filled with affirmations that pour into you.

Allow yourself to be transported to sacred spaces that nourish you...

Happy listening!

*When you click the image below, you will be brought to the Spiritualista YouTube channel.*

Love always,

Marielle, The Spiritualista


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