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Clarity In The Aftermath Of A Kid's Birthday Party

Over the weekend we threw a birthday party for our littlest miss... My vision was a fairy garden tea party to enjoy with her two besties. I imagined little girls twirling about in a garden wonderland that was magical and playful.

Because I didn't think of turning this event I to a blog post, I don't have many pictures of the stations at the beginning of the party, but I'll walk you through some of my favorite moments...

First of all, bless the playful hearts of toddlers. (I guess she's not a toddler anymore... but she's little and I'm not ready to accept that I have a little big girl!! 🤪)

So, bestie #1 shows up and they IMMEDIATELY begin to play with the materials on the activity table. Three minutes into her arrival, and they were already beautifying themselves with rhinestones! The rhinestones were supposed to be used for their crowns, but they decided that beautification of self was top priority. And who can blame them?! It's always at the top of my list too! 🥰

Second magical moment? When, in their explorations, they decided that it was time to inspect the gifts! And guess what...? Beautification was next on the list again! One of the gifts was lip balm, or lippie, as we lovingly refer to it... And the besties decided that it was time to get lippified! It was such an adorable moment to see them help each other out. Imagine two little fairies helping each other apply lippie. And yes, lips were pouted! 🤭

Third moment: When bestie #3 arrived, they invited her into the festivities and they started an impromptu dance party! With high jumps and plenty of giggles, they were off to their own little world.

Dance has always been something that intrigued me, because growing up, it was seen as a "secular activity." As such, I didn't learn to dance until I was a preteen. (Insert nostalgic memories of me and my "cousins" holding on to a bedframe dancing to Beenie Man's 'Who Am I' and Red Rat's Tight Up Skirt, Shelly-Ann, and Big Man Little Youth 😎)

Learning to dance was one thing, but comfortably doing so in a crowd of people, is still something I navigate to this day. So, seeing these three little girls dancing to their heart's content, made me feel like I was able to gift my daughter a confidence I didn't possess at her age. #feelingaccomplished

My fourth favorite moment, was baking cookies with the litte misses. Seeing them take turns as they mixed the ingredients, made me think that it's so powerful to teach our little people the importance of collaboration. Being able to wait your turn, while contributing to a shared goal, is a lesson many adults are still struggling with! So, how beautiful is it that these little girls were able to do this so seamlessly?!

Final moment: The dreaded cleanup! And I know this sounds CRAZY! But I actually felt energized! As I'm writing this blog post, I'm listening to Red Rat and sitting in the aftermath of hurricane Pink! But you know what... I am so grateful for the experiences that brought me to this moment!

Sometimes we refrain from going after what we want, because we're concerned about the aftermath. But you know what? Sometimes... Just sometimes, the aftermath is gratitude for the various spontaneous expressions of Love that we didn't have to create, curate, or control. Sometimes, usually, always(!!!), our intentions to show up and have a fun, playful experience IS ENOUGH!

After a year of upheaval, restoration, and reimaginging life, we've shown up to co-parent to perfection our little misses. And yesterday, we worked together to create a magical experience for our littlest miss. To say that my heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy is an understatement! We set forth to create a happy, healthy, safe, drama-free environment for our family, and we did just that!

This morning, I am grateful for family, friends who turned family, and the widsom to enjoy the Beauty that's being expressed in my life so abundantly.

Mama Oshun 🐝🌻 showed up, danced, twirled, laughed, and gifted me and my family a day that reminded us all of the Beauty and Love that's all around us. A little reminder that Chaos and Beauty are different sides of the same coin...

Thank you for taking time out to read my gratitude entry! Signing off with leftovers and a broom in hand!

Mariëlle, The Spiritualista 💖✨️


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