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The Affirmation Room: I Exist

I'm sitting at the feet of the Creator, realizing that it has always been Me.

The resonance I experience throughout life in the good, bad, and ugly comes from the One Mind from which I flow effortlessly...

There is no space where I am, and It is not...

There is no space where It Is, and I am not...

My freedoms and shackles find expression through me...

To define myself by them, is to set boundaries; is to embrace identity.

The things that are me and the things that are not, are all worthy aspects of me...

For somewhere in the midst of this, I Am.

I release myself from the bondage of painstakingly defining where I am, where I am not,

and assigning meaning to each conclusion.

Truth is, I AM the fullest expression of the Divine and She is worthy, valuable, and precious.

Whether you define me as Priestess, Seeker, Goddess, Womban or Mystic, I AM.

My identity doesn't end where my words and comprehension perceive boundaries.

My Essence doesn't stop Existing because there is no one to witness the expansiveness that is Me...

Even if - and when - the Universe is void, I AM present, fully, wholly, thoroughly.

For even when Nothingness is abound, I am the presence and absence of all that Is.

I Exist...

I AM...



For my Sisters who enjoy audio, I've created a playlist on the Spiritualista YouTube channel.

This playlist is filled with affirmations that pour into you.

Allow yourself to be transported to sacred spaces that nourish you...

Happy listening!

*When you click the image below, you will be brought to the Spiritualista YouTube channel.*

Love always,

Marielle, the Spiritualista


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