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My review of 'Paradox of the Water Bearer'

While the world was busy posting about new years resolutions, I was curled up with a book written by my Instagram friend, Leilani Mañulu. While I've been devouring books since childhood, my current reality, as a mom of three, doesn't often allow for mind travel... My life has more than enough twists, turns, and adventures to keep me rooted in reality! LOL

But when your Instagram friend writes a book, you don't just support her creative endeavor with a purchase, you also make time to read it! So, while experiencing a relatively quiet weekend, I made it my business to pull the mommy-needs-me-time-card by lounging in bed, and reading to my heart's content! As a pleasant surprise, my kids jumped on board and my bed became a hub for nursing, cuddles, and relaxation; reminding me that I need to plan more weekends like this to encourage reading and rest!

And, truth be told, I'm deeply grateful for following my intuition and giving this book a read, as I was not disappointed! In her book, Leilani beautifully reflects on her journey to fulfillment. She shares her ups and down with such clarity and compassion, that I was prompted at several points to breathe and hold space for myself...

Without come across as preachy, she speaks on traumatic life experiences in a way that prompts you to think of your own experiences through a different lens. My favorite take-aways:


Being very honest about the ways she leans on her community for guidance and support, she provides a gentle reminder to those suffering from the Superwoman-syndrom.

As one who usually isolates herself to process heavy emotions, this book reminded me to allow myself to trust the wisdom of others and allow myself to sit at the wisdom of my Sisters before my cup runneth over...

Eventhough there's something to be said about "not having people in your business", it's great to be supported by the gifts and talents of your (Sister) Circle...


Leilani does a great job at showing how complicated and messy the journey to authenticity can be... She openly and honestly shares the experiences that triggered her and propelled her forward.

It takes time to get comfortable with your truth, and then - beyond that - get comfortable with communicating it and living it! Broaching past experiences with reverence for self and those affected, it's important that we create safe, intentional spaces that allow for a new beginning. I believe that these are the kind of moments that allow for energetic upgrades that can be felt for generations to come!


The beauty of this book is honestly found in Leilani's transparency! Instead of glossing over tough conversations, she takes you with her, whether it's an uncomfortable conversation with her partner, father or sibling.

The resonance was so intense, that I found myself putting down her book and having restorative conversations with myself. Instead of brushing off the triggers, I used these moments as an opportunity to work through painful experiences.

Throughout 'Paradox of the Water Bearer', Leilani reminds us to be courageous and bold in our pursuit of authentic living. Throughout the book I felt a strong pull to listen to my intuition and question myself about the moments when truth-telling feels highly uncomfortable.

In the Caribbean culture it's not always easy to hold others accountable for their actions, definitely not as a child! But in the 'Paradox of the Water Bearer', Leilani reminds us that accountability is less about punishment, and more about holding space for the humanity of ourselves and others. She remindsbus that the ability to gift grace, while holding yourself and others to a higher standard, is just as much an act of forgiveness and Love...

Now, don't get me wrong, not everyone will accept our experiences or demands for justice. But from my own experiences, I can say that it's always worth it!

I know I mentioned that Leilani is my friend, but I strongly advise this book for anyone who's looking for down-to-earth storytelling that is rooted in authenticity, liberation, and integrity!

And to show you just how much I liked this book, I will be having a conversation with Leilani about her book and the journey of a spiritual entrepreneur.

Join us on January 20th on IG Live, as we discuss her book, her journey, and the upcoming workshop, 'Money, Currency & the Value of Self'.

If you've read the Paradox of the Water Bearer or are excited about reading it, leave a comment below!

For anyone interested in purchasing their own copy, visit Leilani's website!

I hope to see you on Thursday, as we discuss this beautiful, restorative work of art!

As always, may your day be filled with serendipitous moments that remind you of your beauty, power, and purpose!


Mariëlle, The Spiritualista


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