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Spiritualista Beautique: A Place for your Sacred Practices

As a Pisces Moon, I vacation in my mind ALL the time!

I am constantly day-dreaming and tapping into new emotional spaces.

Not only do these spaces evoke a sense of adventure and excitement, they also provide me with a place to retreat to when my cup runneth over. Where my Virgo mind is always thinking and overthinking, my Pisces daydreams allow me to process ideas and experiences.

I honestly and truly believe that Spiritualista Beautique would not be who she is today, had it not been for these Pisces tendencies... Cause it's my ability to feel deeply and explore these emotions that has helped me build the space that many of us call 'home'.

Even though Spiritualista Beautique doesn't have a physical retail space as yet, the vibes are so intense that she feels like a living, breathing thing.

For those of you who do not have the Pisces placement like I do, I make it my business to create a space that has its own unique current. Where some currents take you to not-so-safe spaces (read: rabbit holes), Spiritualista Beautique is the space where you're ushered into an awareness that nourishes you.

The beautifully curated spaces are there to remind you of your - very valid - need to restore, replenish and create. These spaces are to remind you of your ability to manifest safe, sacred spaces that feel comfortable and life-giving.

I want you to feel inspired to create spaces that reflect your Essence and make you want to treat yourself. Beyond self-care rituals that focus on physical pampering, I want you to feel inspired to engage in activities that bring about peace, harmony, and joy.

Sacred practices aren't always about honoring forces, entities, and energies outside of yourself. Sacred practices are also about the ways you're able to connect with yourself and find love, tenderness, and peace.

With that being said, does that inspire you to create different kind of practices for yourself? And how will you be taking Spiritualista Beautique on that journey with you?

At bare minimum, I hope that you add the Queen Affirmation Candle or Rose Quartz to your spaces... As they're ability to evoke self-love is unparalleled!

Please do share your journey and sacred practices with the Sisterhood in the comment section! There's so much we can learn from one another!

Love always,

Marielle, The Spiritualista


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