Higher Learning for Priestesses

For those who sail the dark waters of the subconscious mind,
use the stars and planets as their guides, and allow the winds of inspiration to blow into their sails...


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Offerings for Magic Makers...

For women on a journey of self-mastery, education is important.

But with so many voices out there, it can be pretty difficult to find valuable information that resonates.

Like many people, you might've found yourself - on multiple occasions - binge watching videos on YouTube, Facebook or Patreon that sucked you into a rabbit hole that brought you confusion and overwhelm...



Maybe you've found yourself, one too many times, heavily influenced by the opinions of a self-proclaimed guru who tried to shame you into a new lifestyle... 

Uhhhh-huh... We've all been there, Sis!

And we're here to tell you that we are NOT about that life!

Steeped in acceptance & Love


At Spiritualista University you will find that each offering is wrapped up in intention, compassion, kindness, and order. Shame, guilt or fear have no place here!

Instead,  I build masterclasses, workshops, courses and Goddess Gatherings around Ancient goddess stories that can be explored at your own pace. Stories that help you Innerstand Love, Order, Truth, and Righteousness in a way that honors Self.


As your knowledge and acceptance of Self grows, your interpretation of these stories will grow and develop with you... Allowing you for an even deeper connection with Self.

Invest in offerings that nurture, restore, and support you.

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Explore Your Sacred Space

For those searching for wholeness and self-mastery,
Spiritualista University offers safe spaces designed to help you
explore spiritual concepts that expose ALL of your brilliance.

Gatherings &


Enjoy immersive experiences that feature poetry, meditative practices, and affirmations.

Whether you're having a personal session or are in the comfort of your Sisters, each offering is a deep-dive into concepts and ideologies that help you remember who you Are.


I support you on your quest for freedom and emancipation by providing you with practical nuggets of Wisdom that will kickstart your learning and unlearning process.

As you explore goddess stories and Universal Law, allow the principles of wholeness to change the way you show up for yourself in the world.

Attend or host an event that's centered around self-mastery and sacred self-care!

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Learning Opportunities

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Archetypical Personalized Report

Make education a part of your sacred self-care.

SALE $47

  • The impact of collective consciousness

  • Usher in a deeper level of self-knowledge

  • Re-examine your commitments 

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Explore abundance beyond

the lens of money.


  • Define value, worth, and currency for yourself.

  • Rewrite your money narrative.

  • Engage in soul-honoring energetic exchanges!

Money, Currency &
the Value Self Workbook

Sit at the feet of powerful, inspiring women.


  • Intimate conversations.