Goddess stories have been told throughout the centuries, as a way to educate and empower women. Inspired by Nature, these stories embody the Essence of Womanhood and human nature. 


We created Spiritualista University to share these goddess stories.

This... is your homegoing.


For women on a journey of self-discovery, education is important.

But with so many voices out there, it can be pretty difficult to find valuable information that resonates.

Like many people, you might've found yourself, on multiple occasions, binge watching videos on YouTube, Facebook or Patreon that sucked you into a rabbit hole that brought you confusion and overwhelm...



Maybe you've found yourself, one too many times, heavily influenced by the opinions of a self-proclaimed guru who tried to shame you into a new lifestyle... 

Uhhhh-huh... We've all been there, Sis!

And we're here to tell you that we are NOT about that life!


We believe in meeting people where they're at...

Using shame and guilt to change behavior has never been effective.  And sharing massive amounts of information doesn't necessarily initiate change or healing either.


So, what do we offer...?


We offer goddess stories.


We chose to build our masterclasses around goddess stories, because stories have the innate ability to unlock truths as they resonate with you in that moment.


Ever read the same book over and over, only to find new truths revealed to you every single time?

We chose this format because it allows you to receive information according to your personal journey. Allowing you to heal at your own pace...


 And, because you're able to revisit your workbooks time and time again, you will reap the benefits for years to come.

The focus is always on Your growth & development!


FREE INTRODUCTORY 4-PART SERIES | First enrollment: May 1, 2021


We're giving you a sneak peak to Spiritualista University by gifting you a free four-part series: The Priestess Path.

The Women of Old are calling you, asking you to step into a new consciousness that honors you, the Divine, and the world at large.

We are going to explore principles and practices, inspired by the wisdom of Ancient goddesses.

As you experience our 4-part mini-series, allow the principles of wholeness, confidence and sovereignty to embrace yourself with ease and harmony.


  • 12 weeks (3 enrollment periods)

  • Access to a private IG account

  • Weekly IG Live Q&A sessions

  • Daily uploads of journal prompts

  • Weekly uploads of sermonettes and meditations

  • A Goddess Gathering to celebrate completion of the Masterclasses



What do you and Persephone have in common?

You, too, are an Empress in the making!

And like Her, you are learning that it's not an easy journey...


There are many thought patterns that must be learned and unlearned...Energies that must be transformed...


Explore the story of Persephone and allow Her to share Her experiences with you.


Learn how to: 

  • Use your past as a building block for your future

  • Following your bliss

  • Adapt to new environments

  • Forge new alliances

  • Reclaim your sovereignty

Coming Soon

"Your life is the manifestation of your personal dream.

If you can transform the program of your personal dream,

you can become a dream master.

A dream master creates a masterpiece of life."


Don Miguel Ruiz