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Soulbird Rise Affirmation Card Collection
  • Soulbird Rise Affirmation Card Collection


    Inspired by India Arie's 'Soulbird Rise' song, this affirmation card collection features 7 affirmations that help you tap into the restorative power of Water.


    The Soulbird Rise Collection:

    • Wash me with the nurturing, cleansing waters of the divine mother. Teach me how to be a Leader of Principle, Integrity and Truth.
    • As I adjust my vision, may my heart whisperings speak words of truth and harmony all the days of my life.

    • May I surrender to my path Fully and wholeheartedly.

    • My words shall not return to me void.

    • I am dancing with the All & embracing the Nothingness.

    • This morning I sat at the feet of the Divine and asked to be full and overflowing of the things that honor me.

    • I am grateful for the ways in which The King and The Queen operate in holy union in my life.


    Product Details:

    • Dimensions: 8.5" L x 4" W
    • Printed on heavyweight cotton paper
    • Made in the USA
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