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Bag Lady Gift Box

Bag Lady Gift Box


The Bag Lady Gift Box is for the spiritual, Black woman who feels expansive, light, and at peace within herself. She is committed to finding healing and restoration for herself, her family, and her community.


Made with organic essential oils that aid in the healing and restoration process, each candle in the Bag Lady Candle represents a specific stage in the healing process.


001. ROOTS

Made with ginger organic essential oil, the Roots Candle offers you the support you need to sit with yourself and ground you in your Essence. Find your voice and remove the external voices that hinder you from connecting with your true, authentic Nature.



Made with lemongrass organic essential oil, the Forgiveness Candle propels us to release the things that no longer serve us. Take the time out to unpack the untruths that have been lingering in your Essence and gift yourself grace for not knowing better. 



Made with patchouli organic essential oil, the Abundance Candle, helps us to see ourselves as a worthy host for abundance. After gaining clarity about who you Are and releasing the things that do not serve you, you are now ready to invite all the things that honor your Soul. 


The Bag Lady Gift Box consists of:

  • 3x Roots Candle (3 oz.)
  • 3x Forgiveness Candle (3 oz.)
  • 3x Abundance Candle (3 oz.)
  • 'Healing & Healed' Print (4" x 6")
  • Bag Lady Journal Prompts
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