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Natural      •     Ethical     •     Sustainable     •     Sacred     •     Black-Owned

Our Purpose is to Deliver Quality, Timeless & Affordable Sacred Self-Care Pieces.

We are here to help you (re)connect with your Essence and honor the beauty and wisdom that's all around you. 

Created to support and enhance your sacred practices, our sacred self-care tools transform mundane spaces into sacred masterpieces.

Black and White Portrait

Pack Light in Your

Bag Lady Season

Our full collection was created to work together seamlessly to gift you peace & harmony.

Adorn Your Sacred Spaces

With affirmations that support your unfolding,

our affirmation card collections inspire and affirm your Truth.

Affirm & Celebrate

Luxuriate in your Essence with our Queen Collection. 

Feel supported, as you explore expansion, affirm Truth, and celebrate your wins.

My Name is Marielle,
Owner & Founder of Spiritualista Beautique.

Inspired by my own self-love journey, I created a safe, sacred space that allow my Sisters to feel seen, heard, validated, and affirmed.

Often overlooked in spiritual wellness spaces, I support my melanin-rich sisters in building safe, sacred spaces that inspire, empower, and affirm their power, beauty, and worthiness.

Marielle Stanley
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