What is a home, if not a sacred space that allows for freedom, joy and stillness?

Embrace stillness and allow Her presence to take you on a journey to Self.


Welcome a new day with intentional self-care practices...

"My graciousness, wisdom and willingness to understand and honor others will always allow wealth and abundance to manifest in my life."


You deserve a life that not only reflects your ideals, but one that also feels authentic and true to your Soul's Purpose.

Infused with love and intention, each candle is made to support you as you go out into the world to do great and amazing things.

Whether you light your candle to welcome a new day, close out your day or infuse your sacred spaces with good juju, our goal is to create candles that empower you and leave you feeling powerful and confident.

"I am allowed to stand with my feet firmly planted in the ground, honoring my Bones and the Energies that have walked with me during every single breath I've taken."


The Queen candle is a great addition to your morning and evening rituals, as she has been created to speak to, and affirm, your femininity.

Delicately scented with bergamot, lemon, and geranium rose essential oils, she reminds you of your Divine connection, instills courage and confidence, and assists you in releasing unwanted thoughts. Leaving you strengthened, emboldened and in harmony with yourself.

"I release the things that do not serve me,
and bloom in my darkest places.

My words and actions lead to my greatest good.

I invite blessings into my life, and raise my vibrations to match my destination.

And So It Is."

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