welcome home


Our gift to you is a safe, sacred space that supports you as you get to know yourself on a deeper, more intimate level.

We aim to provide you with the space and wisdom that allows you to (re)build your Creative Center in a way that honors you.

So, welcome home... You have arrived.

As you visit this space...

May you remember that you are allowed to stand in your Essence and let your light shine.



This space has been created for you, as a sanctuary in this noisy world.


Spiritualista University allows you to sit in stillness, as you explore the rich lessons that can be found in ancient goddess stories.

Each season we take a journey through womanhood by exploring the energies that surround that specific season.


Our intention is to take you on a journey to find abundance of the principles and values that are in alignment with your Highest Self.

Persephone: A woman unto herself

Spring semester: Come To Your River

Enrollment period: Open enrollment


Spiritualista Beautique​

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Sunday mornings

11 AM


Affirmation Candles

Soy candles made with  organic essential oils

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Spring Semester

FREE (Introductory price)

Coming soon

Our new Goddess Candle Collection

Created with their own unique blend of organic essential oils, each candle creates a spiritual oasis that allows you to connect to the Energy of that specific goddess. 

Lightly scented, highly intentional, our Goddess Candles are hand-poured with all natural ingredients such as soy wax and organic essential oils. 

Only wholesome ingredients, so you too, can feel confident, whole and nourished!

Love notes

May you always remember...

It's in the things that deeply inspire us that we find ourselves.

- Karissa Nadine

Keep looking until you find something that really moves you, that resonates with your core.