Allowing yourself to be planted in the dark womb of potential, means that you allow yourself to endure the process of growth...

That you allow yourself to embrace the aspects of growth necessary to grow into yourself and be of service to those around you.

When you've Know who you are and what makes you YOU,
you can become intentional and consciously apply yourself to situations that exalt you...

A Season of Reflection

The Wisdom of a Tree

When the tree drops her leaves, she is preparing herself for the Winter season, in which she cannot afford to hold space for leaves and branches...

With winter's temperatures and conditions, the tree needs all the energy she can get. And as such, she releases everything she believes might not survive the cold winter months.

When you reclaim your energy, it does not mean that you love any less...

It means that you love someone or something enough to release it.

Be true to your wants and needs, as you transition into your season of self-reflection.

Speak with kindness, knowing that they too are an expression of the Divine.


Nurtured at your Altar

Inspired by the Temples of Old,
this collection serves as an intivation to (re)build your sacred spaces...

May the winds of change caress your gently,
as you root yourself in Innerknowing and Love...


Explore Your Sacred Space

For those searching for wholeness and self-mastery,
Spiritualista University offers safe spaces designed to help you
explore spiritual concepts that expose ALL of your brilliance.


About Spiritualista Beautique

Spiritualista Beautique is a luxury botanica for the spiritual Black woman who wants to luxuriate in her Essence, while creating safe, sacred spaces that reflect her brilliance.


We support new beginnings, help you disrupt old patterns, and help you get comfortable sitting on your throne!

This safe, sacred space is a love letter to the Divine and my melanin-rich Sisters seeking rest, rejuvenation, freedom, and harmony.

Spiritualista Beautique is here to help you transform every space into a safe haven that allows you show up as your beautiful, powerful self!

Candle Stories

The Queen Affirmation Candle

Tap into a frequency of self-love that speaks to your pain,

but gently nudges you to embrace the fullness of your Being...

The Queen Candle is the accumulation of the most sacred, powerful, compassionate words you've ever heard...

She is for the Priestess who is falling in love with herself...

For the woman who Knows she is worthy. 

Gold Accessories

Money, Currency & the Value of Self

3 hrs | $197

Society's definition of value and worth is often defined by things outside ourselves. This kind of thinking could lead one to believe that their worth is derived - and defined - by external voices and concepts.


But what if you are born with all the value and currency you would need throughout your life?

This is a great course for Spiritualistas who are ready to:

  • Up their manifestation game

  • Define themselves by their own standards

  • Finally ask for what they want in relationships with others and self.


This course helps you:​

  • Rewrite your money narrative.

  • Redefine value, worth, and currency for yourself.

  • ​Create a life that honors you and your community!

  • Address your internal money narrative by exploring your unique composition of principles. ​​