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The Spiritualista Speaks is about helping you create sacred spaces that allow you to bloom. 

Our intention is to provide you with a space that feels safe, sacred, supported, valued, and validated... A space where you can see yourself reflected back at you.

So, rest, observe the world around you, and tap into your sacred space.


It's going to be glorious!

New episodes weekly


13-week series | Weekly uploads: Sundays at 10AM, EST

This series is for those who are creating a new way of life for themselves... Women who are determined to rebuild themselves as women of integrity.

Created to help you sustain spiritual growth in a way that feels natural to you, we explore concepts such as devotion, alignment, purity, and stillness. 

If you're ready to align Self and honor yourself as the sacred vessel you are, this series is for you!

It's time.

Time for intention... Time for truth...

Time for release... Time for peace... Time for abundance...


13-week series on Abundance | Weekly uploads: Sunday at 12 PM, EST

Explore the concept of Abundance using the Spiritualista Beautique candles and transform the way you see abundance and wealth! 

For many, the word 'abundance' implies monetary wealth or expansion. In reality, the word Abundance just means 'more'.


This series is for those who are looking for abundance in their lives and aren't quite able to manifest it in their lives. We're going to explore what is means to exist abundantly and what we need to do to receive it.

Spoiler alert: You already have everything you need!