Weekly Forecast - Week 39

September 24, 2017



09.25.2017 - 10.01.2017

Fall season is here! Seize this happy moment to clear up some emotional matters with friends and loved ones. Establish a new basis from which to proceed. If you honor and treat yourself well, you will treat others accordingly. Nourish your whole system. Allow yourself to enjoy life a whole lot more. Follow your intuition, even though you're uncertain sometimes.

The real spiritual warrior is peaceful within. Patiently wait for a message from the Divine that will determine your future course. When your work reflects your inner truth, you live in unity. Then you are ONE, undivided, no longer torn between contradictory desires, conventions, and opinion. 

What to take with you:

Something inside you has reached a crucial point of ripeness. Your cups are completely full. Whenever there is a high point of plenty, there is a change, and in time, a return to the 'emptiness' from which is all came, to begin with.


What to leave behind:
Once you have stopped struggling with yourself, harmony and wisdom will prevail. The more you know yourself, the clearer your insights into your relationships will become. By showing what values you cherish and what is important to you, others find the courage to admit their truth as well. 

What to take out into the world:
Trust your perceptiveness! You know better than anyone what is right for you and what is not. Focus your mental powers on a merger with your heart. Then your heart will give your intellect two evenly balanced wings!


What to meditate on:

Our past is the familiar, the known. It gives us an illusory sense of safety, a kind of identity to which we usually cling whatever it may cost us. At first, this process threatens to strip away the very ground on which we stand. We plunge headlong into the inner emptiness. In everyone's life there comes a point where no escape from the inner 'abyss' is possible. Bravely pass through the eye of the needle. To postpone it, won't get you anywhere. Don't interfere with your inner growth process, just be aware of what is happening inside. Only a conscious fall into the inner 'emptiness' lets us recognize the limitlessness of our being. And this alone reveals the deeper meaning of our life. 


Join the sisterhood

If this appeals to you, stay close and join the sisterhood on Instagram! We have such beautiful conversations on there... 


Wishing you a day filled with Love, Magic, and Divine Happiness.



Card deck used: Vision Quest Tarot by Gayan S. Winer + Jo Dose
Spread: Mabon Tarot 

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