Make Caring For Your Skin a Priority

March 14, 2018



By Marie Braxton

Today I'm introducing you to Marie Braxton. She's the founder of Lovely Lavender Plus. 


I asked her to share her knowledge on natural skin care products and to share how she uses natural ingredients in her products.


With Spring steadily aproaching I figured it would be a good time to maybe reconsider our skin care routines...


Post written by Marie Braxton:

A product that I recently ordered online came with a card that reads, “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”. How true, was my response (although, as a Christian I would add, “it’s the only place it has to live for the time being.”) Nevertheless, it is certainly worth embracing the fact that you need to love and care for your body.

No one season or time of the year takes precedence over skincare; it requires the same attention year-round. Each season presents its own challenges to the health of your skin: Spring, allergies; Summer, heat and sun exposure; Fall, allergies and changes in weather; Winter, dryness.

Now, I am not a proponent of buying tons of products to treat every symptom of every season. A few natural products, made with as few pure ingredients as possible can benefit the skin, regardless of the time of year. 


I solely make all of the Lovely Lavender... Plus products with natural, high-quality ingredients. They are carefully handcrafted in small batches and under the strictest conditions. During production, I am the only person who handles the products. 


I use oils and butters that are known to have skin-nourishing benefits and avoid additives that may be harmful or have no benefit.

For example, pure shea butter has many uses. It’s said to moisturize dry, itchy skin, soothe eczema and skin rashes, lip balm, hair oil, soap additive, moisturize cuticles, foot balm, heal scars and stretch marks and aid in relieving sunburn. 


Cocoa butter has many of the same benefits, but because it is so hard, it works best when blended with shea butter. 


I use cocoa, shea, and mango butters along with pure coconut oil and apricot kernel oil to make all-natural body butter that can be used year-round.

African Black Soap is another natural, organic product that not only nourishes the skin, but is also a superb body and hair cleanser. Authentic Black Soap is made in made primarily in villages in and around Ghana, West Africa. Ingredients include palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, kernel oil, dried plantain skins, shea butter. It’s a natural source of Vitamin E, A and iron. I recommend African Black soap for all skin types, especially for those with oily skin (adolescents). It, too, is said to help with eczema, razor bumps and acne. It makes a great shampoo for natural hair. Lovely Lavender...Plus only sells imported African Black soap. It’s available in bars and liquid.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Cleansing the skin is essential to good overall health. When choosing a skin cleanser, select products that have pure oils (olive, coconut, shea, coconut, grape seed, castor, jojoba, argan, Aloe Vera, and essential oils (for fragrance). Avoid soap that has additives such as modifiers for softening and loads of preservatives and other additives. 

Dry brushing at least three times a week removes the buildup of dead skin cells, improves circulation, softens skin and improves the overall appearance of the skin. I don’t suggest using the dry brush on face and sensitive areas. Use gentle strokes, starting with the feet and move upward towards the heart. Make it a part of your regular routine.

Handcrafted soaps are the flagship products in the Lovely Lavender...Plus line. Four years ago when the line was first introduced, there were five soaps: Lovely Lavender Signature bar (pure lavender), Lavender Shea, Oatmeal with a Hint of Lavender, Gentle Olive bar (Baby Bar) and Unscented.

Today the line has grown to over 20 different soap bars, shower gel, lotion, hand and foot salve, loofah soap bars, lip balm and Himalayan salt scrubs. Also, natural sea sponges, natural soy candles and several other accessories. All of the handcrafted products are made with natural ingredients and Marie. 

Proceeds are shared with outreach programs, higher education organizations, overseas missions and homeless organizations.


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