Writing letters to self

February 16, 2018



As someone who believes in the magic of love, I've always loved the idea of having a box filled with love letters. Do I have one? No. Unfortunately I'm one of those girls who moves on by removing everything that reminds her of her past lover. 


The last time I got my heart broken I saved the rose petals from all the roses he had ever given me. It was a beautiful reminder of love and thoughtfulness. It was one of the few things that didn't get thrown out when we broke up. I loved that jar...


Needless to say... that jar is no more! I threw it out about a year later during a cleaning spree! Lol Why? Because it made me feel silly to hold on to something that wasn't going to be part of my future. 




And you know... I do the same with my journals. Well, I don't throw them out. But I barely ever read some of my journals. I know that some of them hold thoughts that make me cringe. You know, entries about that guy I was head over heals in love with or my sad, sad attempts to write songs (they're beyond bad!! loll). But the majority of them are about moments in my life where I felt stuck and anxious about what the future would hold for me.


Obviously, my journals aren't just filled with horrendous memories. My journals are also filled with business ideas, happy memories, and prayers. 


I usually flip through my journal looking for those entries... The entries that remind me of the moments that I was in flow. Moments in which I felt connected and expansive.


But you know what I don't have much of? Love letters to myself. 


And that got me thinking... What would happen if I'd start writing notes to myself, talking about the things that I love about myself... Reminding myself of the things that went right.

What if I closed out the week reminding myself

of my beauty, strength, perseverance, creativity, and vision?


What if I did my best to collect the little triumphs

that made me feel accomplished, zen and dare I say... badass!

I think that I'd start to see the #goddesswithin.

I think it would help me see myself beyond the reflection of the mirror.

It think it would help me see myself beyond the numbers on the scale.

This is why I have decided to create a box in which I save notes to myself. At the end of each week I am going to create a note for myself and save it in a sacred box.


I believe that this will not only give me perspective on life and help me see myself through a different lens. I believe that it will also assist me in realizing my goals. It's pretty difficult to stay hard on yourself if you've got that much evidence of your amazingness! lol


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Do you have a similar ritual that keeps you on track? How do you remind yourself of your amazingness? Feel free to share it in our Spiritualista Sister Circle Facebook Group.



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