Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again

February 9, 2018



Our sacred space is a space where our spirit can just Be. It's a space that's a reflection of you and your beliefs. It is a space that makes you feel as though you're stepping into the sacred.


Several months ago I visited a Roman Catholic church for the first time in my life. It was a beautiful experience that I will remember for a lifetime. Walking into that space made me feel as though the Divine was waiting on me. It felt as though I was invited to an intimate, private party. 


It genuinely felt like a slice of heaven. Could you believe it...?


That experience confirmed for me that the inward experiences are always reflected outwardly. I walked into that space hoping to find God, and that's exactly who and what I found. I didn't find a doctrine, a belief system, or a charismatic person...I found my inner sacred space reflected back at me.


I say all of this, to remind you that the Divine resides within you.


Your concept of the Divine allows you to experience the world the way you do.


Working at cultivating this sacred space is a process... It's a journey of learning and unlearning. A journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-care, self-love. It's Knowing that you are the fullest expression of the Divine. It's Knowing that the Divine isn't just an external entity. It is within, without, above, below, behind you, in front of you... 


So, how do you tap into this force field? 



The Bible says that the Truth is a two-edged sword. I take this to mean that it doesn't discriminate. We are are all subjected to Truth. Its one of the core principles in the Universe. To be honest is to be open, transparent, and vulnerable. It's to see things as they are, not the way you'd like them to be. 



To know yourself is to value yourself. It's to love your light and your darkness alike. It's to remove the bricks of the walls that you've built to keep hurt and disappointment at bay. It's to be willing to uncover another layer. It's to be content with all that you are, while inviting "more".



Who's to say that you're not capable of showing up as yourself?  Who's to say that the vulnerability it takes will be the death of you? Who's to say that you will stand in your journey alone and afraid? Who's to say that you're not capable? Who's to say that you're not powerful? Who's to say that this transformation isn't going to be the best decision you ever made? Who's to say that YOU won't inspire greatness? Who's to say that the truth won't set you free? 


So, tell me... where do you feel connected with the Divine? Do you have a space in your home or do you visit a specific place to feel that? And how has this space transformed you?



Connect with women who are on a journey to selflove just like you. Share the experiences that have shaped you, and the knowledge that has been making a difference in your life. Let's learn from each other. 




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