Weekly insights - Week 41

October 10, 2017



hemes: Intuition | Change  | Restoring Balance


There are big changes coming up, and things might not be making much sense right now. However, it is important for you to stay the course and not take things personally. In the physical world, things might seem challenging, but your intuition has your back! Trust that she knows the way.


Know that you've got everything you need to face the challenges head-on.


This week will bring a sense of chaos and uncertainty that will cause you to doubt yourself and the direction you're going into. However, know that it's not personal. This is Nature making sure that balance is restored. So, again, don't take it personally. Just know that now more than ever, it's important for you to see with the eyes of your heart.


Your intention has been to be more authentic and true to who you are, and this is your time to show up and show out! What are you going to do now that the baby and the bath water are being thrown out?  I would hope that you take this opportunity to exhibit the growth you've experienced!


You've been developing skills that will serve you for a lifetime, and this is where you stand in your newfound truth. In doing this you will find a surge of positive energy that will sustain you. Don't waste a good opportunity on feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, take this moment to create a new reality.


Trust that your intuition knows what you need.

Trust that you can stand in your truth and shine, even if it seems that it isn't the right time. 


The outer reality might seem volatile and unstable, but remember that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure! You asked for a new opportunity, and life is giving it to you. It's just not wrapped in a pretty bow and expensive wrapping paper... 



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