I've Had to Sit With Myself




I've had to sit with myself

For you I've had to sit with myself

I have never had to heal from my mother

I have never had to wonder if she loved me

I knew that, deep in my bones I knew that

So because of her, I've had to sit with myself

See my child, mothers are broken gourds waiting for the Potter


We meet lovers who run us dry

We fall for men who are still sitting in boyhood

We chase our fathers in neglect and abandonment

Because us woman are things of sacred nature

We see hope were there is none

We offer prayers where there should be cussing

We believe, one more time, one more time


But my dear, my work here is done,

I saw you and I knew the deliverance had came

I saw you and worshiped my mother

Because I finally understood

That all along, mothers do the best they can

And so when your day comes, I pray you never have to heal from me,

I pray you never have to fight for my love

For I've done the work, my dear I've done the work for both of us.

So keep your joy, 

Love harder

For there, you will learn how so very loved you are.




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