Sekhmet: Healing in Times of War

September 5, 2017




The first time I really took the time to read about the goddess Sekhmet, I was a little scared. She is described as the goddess of war and healing. And is known for being blood thirsty, Lady of Slaughter, and one who is driven by a mathematical sense of justice. She was described as Egypt's fiercest huntresses, and she was the one called on to lead the Pharaoh into battle. Based on the descriptions given of her, you'd almost wonder why anyone would ever want to associated with this goddess! But... there are always two sides of a coin. So in this post, I will share some insights that will give you the opportunity to see Sekhmet in a different light. And hopefully, this will teach you something about yourself as well...


Deities give us a greater understanding of ourselves and the Universe we live in. At first glance Sekhmet seems terrifying and at odds with anyone who would like to live from a space of Love, Peace, Happiness, and Harmony. But as we have already seen in our personal lives, it's kinda difficult to stay in that Love Bubble. 


The story of Sekhmet teaches us that there is a time and place for everything. Sekhmet is the Divine huntress and is deeply associated with blood. From a female perspective, this is very powerful, as we live in a society that has taught us to be fearful of blood. We have been taught that it's filthy and unholy. While in reality, blood is our life force. Blood absorbs the nutrients, and transports it throughout our body. And during our monthly cycle, it assists our body in disposing of tissue that no longer serves our body. 


Our blood is so much more than just the "thing" that flows through our body, it's the essence of who we are. In order to bleed, something needs to be broken. And the same goes for healing. Healing cannot exist without brokenness. It's in our brokenness that we are able to tap into our Life Force. And it's in our state of brokenness and depressing barrenness that we are able to rebuild, and recreate. 


Sometimes it's necessary for us to be meticulous in our attitude towards the things that are not in alignment with who we are, and what we want. Sometimes it's necessary to tap into the raw, primordial female energy that creates and destroys. Sometimes it's necessary to see ourselves as more than just kind, caring, loving, and peaceful. Sometimes it's necessary to tap into the other side of the coin, and create a new world!


Sekhmet is a great example of raw, undiluted, primordial female energy that is not afraid to destroy. She is the example of female energy that is willing, and able, to tap into the seemingly unapologetic display of fierceness. As the Doreen Virtue's Sekhmet goddess card says:


"You are stronger than you think you are,

and your strength assures a happy outcome."


As you tap into the parts of you that are yet undiscovered, remember that the path to enlightenment is a path of duality. There are parts of you that have been cracked open, that will not be smudged away, bathed away, meditated away. There are moments where are "Yes" needs to be "Yes", and our "No" needs to be "No". It's by standing in your essence, that you will be able to create a environment that is in alignment with your Soul's mission.


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May your day be filled with love, peace, joy and happiness!





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