Creating Space for Yourself

July 13, 2017



Spiritualista.Beautique has been birthed from a simple request: Wanting to BE Love.


This request took me on a journey of self-love and has led me to create a brand that is able to provide quality assistance to those who are searching to live from a place of Love, Peace, Harmony, and Authenticity. 


People say that success and healing aren't linear, and they're not kidding! It's a journey that takes work, commitment and dedication. In the midst of that 'struggle' it sometimes gets difficult to continually create a safe space for yourself. This is why my intention with S.B. is to create a safe, luxurious space where you can recover, relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. What that means for you?


Take the time to breathe

Inhale... Exhale...     Inhale... Exhale...      Inhale... Exhale....


This allows you to truly examine the thoughts that are floating through your mind. At S.B. we want to give you the space to breathe and provide you with the tools to renew your mind. We want to provide you with the tools that will help you realize that you are part of the Divine and Infinite Source of Love. Which means that in each moment you can create a space that's free of judgement, blame, jealousy, and malice. 


One way of tapping into this, is by using affirmations. By using positive words and bringing these words into action, you can create a more blissful life. Put the right juju out there by being kind and patient with yourself. If you would like support in this, take a look at our Affirmation candles. The Queen package is great for long term manifestations.


Bask in the amazingness of you 

With all the harsh language that you bombard unto yourself on a daily basis, it is necessary to balance ourselves out with a beautiful, positive environment that builds you up. 


This is why I believe it is important to provide you with quality content and quality products. By investing in products that affirm, heal, and support you, you will be able to be the best woman you can be. Invest in the things that create space for you, and allow you to soar! 


As you progress on your journey, we want you to feel supported and loved. S.B. is creating a community of women that innerstand that healing isn't linear. 


Join the Sisterhood

If all this appeals to you, stay close and join the sisterhood on Instagram! We have such beautiful conversations on there... 


Wishing you a day filled with Peace, Love, and Happiness!





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