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What's Your Current Self-Mastery Season?

Interested in creating a sacred practice that aligns with your current needs?

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Student of Life, Alchemist, Manifestor

For many, the Magician is synonymous with illusion, trickery, manipulation, and the Rumplestiltskins of this world. In reality, the Magician is one who Innerstands the Universe and uses this Knowingness as an instrument.

While her sovereignty is often times mistaken for arrogance, she is Is the Bearer of Divine Knowledge.


Embrace your inner Magician by remembering who you Are.


Divine Law

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Glittered Makeup
Deep Stare


Wanderer, Seeker, Mystic

Surrendered to the ebbs and flows of life, the Alchemist is committed to transformation and growth.

She's not afraid to dive into the depths of her subconscious mind to transform the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors that inhibit her from living in her Truth.


Ability to embrace change.


Nurturer, Intuitive, Ruler

The embodiment of gentle power, the Empress is grace, beauty, creativity, and love​.

As an enlightened ruler, who Innerstands duality and the cycles of life, she isn't interested in ruling with an iron fist. Instead, this natural born leader uses her peaceful and compassionate nature to uplift and nurture.


Wisdom, Understanding, and Magnetism.

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Beauty Model

Live in your Magic
& Grow

Personalized Report | $250

Allow me to sit with you and help you unearth your ongoing unfolding as a Priestess,

as you discover and embrace your Divine Orientation.

I am here to expose your potential for expansion. 

Receive insights and answers that help you embrace your Priestess Path, build your personal temple, and honor your personal power. 

During the consultation we will:

  • Gain clarity on the principles and values that support your growth. 

  • Create sacred self-care rituals that support your Essence.

  • Discuss aspects of your identity in need of care and development.

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