Everything you need to create a beautiful, and meaningful, Blessingway event.
	10-Pack invitations
	Mutual Love (2)
	25-pack tealights
	Acrylic Ornament

Mutual Love Candle
This unscented candle is the physical representation of the love between mother-to-be and her baby.
Mutual Candle #1: For mom, as she prepares herself for the arrival of her baby. 
Mutual Candle #2: Invite baby into the physical realm with words of affirmations and prayers. 
Blessingway Candle
Mutual Love (2)
25-Pack Tealights
1 banner
Yarn for bracelet
25-Pack Prayer for baby template
String for Blessingway Candle
Prayer Flag Banner

Bracelet String
Each mama was left with bracelet around their wrist. That way when they looked down at it they could remember to pray for mama and baby...

Blessingway Candle
tied the string around the laboring candle to represent their blessing during labor..

Invite close family and friends to send prayers to the new family. Candles can be lit during the labor and delivery process or during the post-partum period. It's a great way to support the new family as they transition into life with a new baby.
Acrylic Ornament
Gift baby his/her first affirmation: "You are blessed beyond measure"

Blessingway Event Box