The Bag Lady Detox Box takes you on a 9-day detox journey.
Day 1-3: Surrendering the thoughts, feelings and experiences that no longer serve you. 
Day 4-6: Creating space for truth, openness and harmony
Day 7-9: Embracing abundance and harmony
This box contains:
1x Roots Candle (3oz)
1x Forgiveness Candle (3oz)
1x Abundance Candle (3oz)
1x Bag Lady Detox Workbook
Forgiveness Candle
Made with lemongrass organic essential oil, this candle aids in the healing process by nudging you into the direction of letting go. Reminding you to let bygones be bygones. The delicate, but strong scent, reminds you to be gentle, kind, compassionate, and true to who you are.
Roots Candle
Made with ginger organic essential oil, this candle reminds us of our roots. It reminds us to look for all that we need within ourselves. Are your roots firmly planted, are you taking care of your roots by allowing them the space to Be? The strong scent of ginger reminds you to stand tall, take up space, and walk into the direction of your Soul.
Abundance Candle
Created with patchouli, a scent beloved by ancient royalty, she transports you to a world of abundance and sacredness. The grounding properties of patchouli remind you, however, that nothing changes until you do.
"Pack Light" Workbook
Filled with meditations and journal prompts to help you create a new reality for yourself.

Bag Lady Detox Box