Pile #3: Abundance

Welcome, welcome, welcome! And congratulations on making a decision to dedicate yourself towards your healing and development!

This winter season, Spiritualista Beautique is providing you with tools to discover your Ancestral abundance.

For many, ancestral healing invokes images of slavery, abandonment and suffering. I want you to know that Ancestral Healing is more than tracing pain and suffering to slavery. Our story didn't start with slavery! And our ancestors were more than victims of greed... They were real people with real experiences!

The lives they lived, who they loved, how they loved, is imbedded in our DNA. For some this might incite images of toxicity and unhealthy behavior, but Ancestral Healing is about more than pain and suffering... Ancestral Healing is also about embracing the spiritual and emotional gifts, talents and wealth left behind by our ancestors.

Join us this winter season as we go within and find what gems are hidden...


To help you get started, I've created three paths to healing by providing three readings.

The reading will determine your healing path this winter season. Each path has its own content and Spiritualista Beautique products that support that healing path.

If you selected pile #3, this is your reading:

People describe you as grounded, regal and put together. You exude power and confidence in a way that's not often seen. Even though you enjoy being out of the spotlight, you're often asked t be part of things that place you in a position of prominence and recognition.

Your cards show that you're being asked to go on the journey of a lifetime: the journey of Self. You're being asked to tap into your Essence and create your Legacy.

You have been engaging in toxic behaviors that do not honor yourself or others. Your tendencies are causing friction and suffering, and as a result You're constantly on the defense. Spirit is asking you to drop your sword and walk away.

Walk away, even before it all makes sense... Honor yourself and your path.

"Ye, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil", comes to mind.

It is time to release your need to be right and make a conscious decision to chose peace, harmony and flow. When you do this, you will find that the ancestors will show up to guide you on your path.

You have a rough road ahead, but your ancestors want you to know that they are watching over you. They are also the one responsible for the memories and pulls you've been experiencing to educate yourself on Ancient empires. They want you to step into your true Power, reminding you of your duty and calling... You were born to be a leader and to lead your people with kindness, compassion and fierce courage.

You are a Warrior, Protectress and Healer. It's time to stop wasting time and energy and tap into your Healer/Priestess Self. There are people whose soul has been waiting for you to awake from your slumber.

When you feel overwhelmed and anxious, you will have to dig within your memories to find the necessary tools.

You're being asked to continue the works of your ancestors. They're asking you to take back power and restore peace and harmony.


Based on your reading, we have selected several items that will be beneficial to your journey. The items we have are selected to empower and affirm you.

Visit our blog to find rituals and videos that will guide you throughout this Winter season.


Visit our store to purchase the items that resonate with you. And browse our blog to find rituals that resonate with your healing process.


As you create a new normal for yourself, share your journey with us. We would like to hear from you!

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Wishing you a beautiful, ease filled journey ahead!

With love,



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