Welcome, welcome, welcome! And congratulations on making a decision to dedicate yourself towards your healing and development! This winter season, Spiritualista Beautique is providing you with tools to discover your Ancestral abundance.

For many, ancestral healing invokes images of slavery, abandonment and suffering. I want you to know that Ancestral Healing is more than tracing pain and suffering to slavery. Our story didn't start with slavery! And our ancestors were more than victims of greed... They were real people with real experiences!

The lives they lived, who they loved, how they loved, is imbedded in our DNA. For some this might incite images of toxicity and unhealthy behavior, but Ancestral Healing is about more than pain and suffering... Ancestral Healing is also about embracing the spiritual and emotional gifts, talents and wealth left behind by our ancestors.

Join us this winter season as we go within and find what gems are hidden...


To help you get started, I've created three paths to healing by providing three readings.

The reading will determine your healing path this winter season. Each path has its own content and Spiritualista Beautique products that support that healing path.

If you selected pile #1, this is your reading:


Cards: Knight of Pentacles, Two of Cups, The Star, The Magician, The Sun.

Your lineage has been working in the space of the Divine Masculine for a long time. This has been fruitful and has allowed you to manifest a quite comfortable life... Even though you haven't manifested all that you can, you are confident in your skills, and enjoy privilege and honor.

Only thing is, you aren't able to find lasting satisfaction in your surroundings. Something seems to be missing: passion, fulfillment and Essence..

The Divine is asking you to take a journey inward and get comfortable Being. Go into the realm of emotions and get to know what's in your heart...

When you allow yourself to experience the ebb and flow of your emotions, without trying to define it all, you will find your happy place...

One place to start, is by reading up on the moon and how its various phases affects life. Be willing to go deeper and experience yourself by engaging in simple ceremonies to honor yourself during each moon cycle. This can be done through journaling, spiritual baths, and meditation.

Surrender to the ebb and flow of the Divine Feminine and you will start to appreciate and honor your complexities.

During this time you will learn the importance of being balanced in the Divine Feminine and Masculine. It's not necessary to switch off Doing, but you must become comfortable with Being and honoring this side of yourself.

When you embrace the fullness of Self, you will be able to manifest the inner abundance your seeking. In this space you will find yourself manifesting quickly and powerfully.


Your journey this winter is all about tapping into the Divine Feminine. It's about going within and finding the space for yourself to bloom.

What does your inner temple look and feel like? What colors are the walls, what images are portrayed? Is your temple high up in the mountains or is it situated in a lush grove? What are the things you do to keep your temple clean? How do you tap into this space?

This upcoming winter season we will be exploring just how you can tap into your temple and make it look and feel like YOU!

Not sure what that looks like? We've got you!


Visit our store to purchase the items that resonate with you. And browse our blog to find rituals that resonate with your healing process.


As you create a new normal for yourself, share your journey with us. We would like to hear from you!

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Wishing you a beautiful, ease filled journey ahead!

With love,



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