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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

A Month of Consecration & Empowerment


These times of upheaval are brought to us as an opportunity to heal and level up. We are asked to do better, BE better, in order to get to a place of abundant freedom.


Continue to push the envelope and imagine what you want freedom to look and feel like. Use the Divine Laws to create the vision in your heart and mind. Your Soul knows what it came to do. Now, align your heart and mind with this goal and create from the Fullness of your Divine Feminine. Actively seek out the people, places and experiences that will bring us the future we so deeply feel in your bones.


Our Ancestors are asking us not to make the same mistakes they made. They ask that we use the spiritual tools made available to us, to restore broken down relationships in the spiritual world. We are to empower ourselves and work together with the other entities, energies, principles and realms that exist beyond our physical plane. We must create space for the Principles to course-correct themselves. We are but the vessels. Now, more than ever, we must meditate, visualize, pray, create and work together.

The use of technology and social media will bring forth many fruit. The power of networking and community can do great things... Use it wisely.

This is a good time for detoxing... Remain sober and detox your body, mind and spirit. In the Bible, the Israelites were asked to atone themselves on an annual basis. Every year the high priest would be asked to enter the Holiest of Holy to atone for the sins of the people. Before this could take place, the people were asked to clean and purify themselves. Use this time to return to the truth of who we are by teaching our children our true identity. Speak power, purpose, and vision into the hearts and minds of our future generations. Teach them that our history began before slavery. Teach them of the empires that were built long before European colonization became a reality. Teach them the truth about their origins.

In this state of sobriety and empowerment, ideas will flow to and through you.... Embrace them. This is not the time for fear! Fear it not your friend. Breakthrough is eminent. But you must prepare for a battle of the mind.

"True love brought salvation back into me.

With every tear came redemption and my torturers became my remedy.

So we're gonna heal. We're gonna start again."

Beyonce - Redemption


Order! Order! Order!

Bring your home, inner sanctuary and mind in order. A great place to start with this, is by reciting the 42 laws of Ma'at at the beginning and ending of your day. Continue to affirm the vision you have for yourself and your community. This starts by addressing your foundation: the rules by which you live. When you have order within, you will manifest order in the physical realm.

Ma'at is asking that we commit to our vision of freedom by understanding that we must arrive with a clear understanding of who we are. After everything has been said and done, and freedom has been gained, we must be able to look ourselves in the eye and be able to live with who we have become.

We must embrace light. For in the afterlife, we will be judged by Her feather. We will only find eternal peace if our hearts are as light, or lighter than, Her feather....

"Pack Light."

Erykah Badu - Bag Lady


The time has come to release our ancestors from their bondage. We must give them a proper burial and release them from their anger, fear, sadness, frustrations, etc. The time has come for restoration and peace. We are closing the chapter on bondage, and walking into our freedom.

We must trouble the waters of our mind and create a new world for ourselves and our descendants.


RITUAL - Trouble The Waters

For the month of June we will be creating an altar that will be representative of the way forward. We are affirming this vision in three parts: the Divine, our community and ourselves.

You will need:

  • An item that represents the Divine Principles you wish to invoke

  • A picture of your family that evokes happiness, wholeness, etc.

  • A picture of yourself where you felt proud, empowered, etc.

  • A container to hold water


  1. Place the two pictures on the altar

  2. Place the text, quote or picture in front of the pictures

  3. Fill the container with water and place it on the piece of paper.

  4. Take three healing breaths (deep inhale & deep exhale)

  5. Stir the water with your finger, repeating the quote/verse/etc.

Do this in the morning as you wake up and in the evening before bed. This can be done privately or with the entire family.

"I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside.

I am light."

India Arie - I am Light


Deck: Vision Quest Tarot

Cards pulled: Daughter of Air || Eight of Earth - Inner Order || Six of Earth - Break-Through ||

Ten of Fire - Oppression


How has this reading resonated with you? What will you manifest in the month of June? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts and emotions with the Sisterhood.

May your upcoming month be filled with love, peace, joy, happiness and truth!


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