Forgiveness: A Different Kind of Strong

To say that life is one hell of a journey, would be an understatement.

We come into this world, innocent and unknowing. Only to leave the world tainted by experiences that have broken us in one way or another.

As children we're never really concerned about being seen as strong, we just want to Be. We want to show up as ourselves and Be with others who do the same.

No pretenses... No judgements... Just Being... It's an innocence and purity that most of us lost a long time ago.

When we show up, we are usually masked-up and cautious in our interactions with others.

What I'm learning though is that being open, honest, vulnerable... You know, "just" Being, is hard.

After being hurt and disappointed one too many times, I began to admire those who were elusive with their feelings... I admired the Bree Van De Kamp's of this world. (remember Desperate Housewives 🤭)

I would detest having to lay my cards on the table, not knowing if I'd get hurt or disappointed. I felt like showing up in this way was being "strong". Truth is, if it doesn't make you feel expansive, it might not be good for you.

Love is expansive... Even when it asks us to set boundaries.

Love is expansive... Even when we're asked to dismantle things that no longer serve us.

So now, for me, being strong is being open and vulnerable.

It's a homegoing to innocence and purity. But since I can't un-know what I know, I am taking my experiences with me and detaching myself from the emotions that they invoke in me.

I guess you could say, that I'm lightening my load by applying forgiveness in my life.

The goddess Persephone, and Her young spirit, taught me that.

Being young and pure isn't just about age... It's also about perspective and the way you show up for yourself and others.

What are you letting go of?


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