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We are a luxury botanica, specialized in high quality spiritual tools and resources for Black dreamers and magic makers. 


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Celebrated for their elegance and potency, our candles are great spiritual tools and make for amazing gifts.

Crafted with organic essential oils and soy wax, our candles combine pure, indulgent pampering with intention...

PERSEPHONE: An Empress in the Making

Start: June 20, 2020 | Duration: 13 weeks

Be inspired by the story of Persephone, the goddess of Spring, who becomes the Queen of the Underworld.

Explore the story of Persephone and allow Her to share Her experiences with you.

You will learn how to: 

  • Use your past as a building block for your future

  • Following your bliss

  • Adapt to new environments

  • Forge new alliances

  • Reclaim your sovereignty

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Starting June 21 | 11 AM, EST | The Vision Stream Radio

Tea, fluffy slippers and Sisterhood...

Join us for conversations that remind you of your beauty, power, and purpose.

We share goddess stories, speak affirmations and share self-care practices around concepts such as authenticity, purpose and legacy.​

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