Clean ingredients that honor Mother Nature

Spiritualista Beautique was created with the belief that we can use clean, plant-based ingredients, without compromising on quality.

Healing might be simple, but the journey isn't always easy.

So why complicate things with our products?

It is our intention to create spiritual tools that honor Mother Nature and bring healing to your sacred spaces.



We believe in transparency and do not believe in mysterious formulas!

This is why the ingredient list is very short: only the necessary!

Spiritualista Beautique candles are always made with:

  • Soy wax

  • Organic essential oils (we never use fragrance oils)


Always printed on high quality card stock, our stationery is always eco-friendly!


Your Spiritualista Beautique candles and stationery are always wrapped and shipped with eco-friendly materials.

We only use paper products and bio-degradable peanuts to get your favorite spiritual tools to you!