hey bag lady!


I'm so happy you're here!

I love that you have made the decision to quit dragging all them bags and pack light.

I am proud of you for taking an opportunity to face your hurts, disappointments, and upsets head-on. 


It's not easy to see unforgiveness turn you into a person you're not.

And it's even harder to take your power back!


But here you are...

Releasing toxicity and making a conscious decision to show up for life again.


So, welcome!

Welcome to another step in the right direction.

all you must hold onto, is you

The Bag Lady Detox is a weeklong online event that supports you in your journey to releasing the experiences, people, and things that no longer serve you.


This event is about forgiving yourself and others for the things that have been blocking you from moving into your next chapter. 


The Bag Lady Detox is for you if you're ready to show up for yourself, as yourself.


It is for you if you're ready to grow and manifest the vision that is waiting to burst into the physical plane.


The tools that I'll be sharing with you, will help you

  • Address the things that weigh you down

  • Live with a lighter heart.​

the bag lady detox program

Forgiveness candle box

Feel supported in your journey with:

5 Forgiveness candles (3oz), 10 tea lights, a sage bundle, a rose quartz crystal,  a Forgiveness workbook, and a Spiritualista Beautique pencil.

Forgiveness Workbook
Find a peace, harmony and a life that is in alignment with your soul's purpose. 
This workbook supports you as you release and embrace the new, healthy, happy you. 
private facebook group

Explore the depth of your truth by sharing in this sacred circle of sisterhood. 


Allow yourself to be loved on and supported by women who want to see you thrive!

meditation video + audio
Discover your true self by affirming who your power and beauty.
Every day you will receive video and audio with affirmations and meditations.

"Today, I ask to be forgiven for it all as I forgive others.

Today, I choose to see the world and all people with the eyes of love, acceptance, and peace.”


Iyanla Vanzant


Take this opportunity to show up for yourself.
Live from a place of happiness, peace, and harmony.
Come together in sisterhood to reclaim your sacred spaces. 

Bag Lady Detox Festival



We would like to close out this week in celebration of the Bag Ladies who made the brave decision to show up for themselves.

To celebrate this, we're bringing the Spiritualista community together!


Be inspired

Receive healing + clarity

from our healers and readers


Stand within your feminine power

as you connect with a community of spiritual sisters!


Join us for a day of shopping, fun, and sisterhood!


Inspire a fellow Bag Lady by telling us how letting go helped you transform your life. 


Share your story on Instagram by using the #bagladynomore hashtag.


Tag @spiritualista.beautique in your post and your story will be featured in our IG stories.

Become a contributor!


Calling all healers, readers, spiritual coaches, and wellness brands!




It is our intention to support Bag Ladies well after this program is over.

Contribute to the Forgiveness box by providing us with promotional material. 




On June 23rd we will be on Youtube Live with amazing speakers, healers, and yoga teachers.

We are still looking for speakers, healers, and teachers!​