Sitting in Empty Room

Brand Development

Share you unique energetic footprint by being fully immersed in your message.

Release the copy-paste-branding, and express yourself with intention and integrity!

As we're collectively moving into a time of transparency, truth, and order, your customers are looking to invest in brands that show up their authentic selves.

Branding is finding the delicate balance between offering your unique perspective on the world, while catering to your audience.  So, show up as your beautiful, powerful, authentic self! Your audience is waiting for you to offer the things that deeply resonate with them.

For me, this means helping you organize your thoughts and create an action plan that allows you to eat at your Table of Abundance. 

Help me, help you, Sis! 


3-Day VIP Intensive

You've been sitting on your dreams long enough!

Fire it ALL the way up, Sis!! 

Starting at $4,997

We're leaving behind dishonoring behavior such as procrastination, minimizing yourself,  and trying to get everybody to like you.


Instead, we're going to take ALL your notes, prayers, and vision boards to create that business you've been dreaming of!

With over a decade of experience in corporate settings, I will help you build a strong foundation that will allow you to show up with bold confidence.

Let's do the work!

  • Day 1: Creating Your Sacred Space & Research

  • Day 2: Strategy

  • Day 3: Creative Direction

Sitting in Empty Room

Brand Audit

The Brand Audit helps you trust your own voice and create offerings that are meaningful and transformative.


I'll help you organize your thoughts whether you're just starting out or have been at it for quite some time...

The process is simple:

  • Step 1: Creating your Sacred Space

  • Step 2: Gather Information

  • Step 3: Conceptualize your Brand

  • Step 4: Formulate a New Identity

  • Step 5: Execute!

It's time, Sis... Tap into your expansion and wealth!

The Priestess Path

The Priestess Path to Spiritual Branding

A Black woman's journey to embracing joy, purpose, and vibrational alignment.

Featuring poetry, meditative practices, affirmations, and Marielle's personal reflections, this book is a practical guide to self-mastery. 


The Priestess Path to Spiritual Branding speaks on the unique challenges that many spiritual, Black women face as it relates to self-worth, value, money, and the journey into spiritual entrepreneurship.

"This book is a love letter to the women who raised me to Be a woman on Principle.  It is their love for community, self, and the Divine that has brought me here. With this book I pay it forward and gift Black women permission to build their own Tables of Abundance on their terms! I want to see current and future generations manifest the generational wealth their families and communities deserve!" - Marielle Schmidt

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