I am mother, wife, and dreamer.

I believe in the power of Love, Magic, and Womanhood.


I've always dreamt of creating a space that allowed women to Be.

A space in which women would be able to breathe, heal, and celebrate womanhood.


Born from my own experiences, Spiritualista Beautique is my interpretation of the world...


A world in which Love, Magic, and Womanhood are celebrated.

My journey to Spiritualista Beautique begun when I asked God to help me become Love.


What I found was that words have power.


I found that Love has no gender.

I found that loving others starts with loving yourself.

I no longer define my femininity by my breasts, hips, and facial features. No longer do I search for my femininity in the softness of my voice...

Now, my voice roars ferociously with the strength of 10,000 lionesses.

She thunders with the power of 10,000 earthquakes.

She bellows with the power of stillness found in uninhabited, unexplored spaces.

Now, I AM woman!

Now, I AM Divine Feminine!​​

Spiritualista Beautique
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